In 2018, Mission members traveled to Germany visiting the cities of Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin. They were  able to meet engineers from various fields in renowned companies such as BMW, Siemens, Bombardier as well as universities such as TUM (Technische Universität Munich) and TUB (Technische Universität Berlin). Consultez le calendrier ci-bas pour la liste complète des entreprises. See the calendar below for a complete list of companies.

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Finally arrived! We are now in the beautiful city of Munich! Already two days and we have already experienced several experiences. I present here in this article, an overview of our first day.

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After visiting Stuttgart, it was now time to go to Berlin, the capital of Germany.  We were fortunate enough to be close to the beautiful Hauptbahnhof station, which is made of glass and four floors high. This station was useful to us every day of our visits.

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