So it was in this beautiful late afternoon that the last visit of the 2018 technology mission to the Meyer Sound headquarters took place. During this visit, we had the opportunity to have a guided tour by an acoustic engineer focused on business development and subsequently, a presentation of the handmade acoustic equipment. Visiting a company specialized in the sound systems is out of our field of study and is therefore very interesting since the subject of the meeting is very little known by our group.

During the guided tour, we were able to see all steps necessary to manufacture a loudspeaker from the raw material to the finished product. During the visit, we stopped our way in a product demonstration room. During the demonstrations, some of our members weren’t able to contain their dance move when we heard the Michael Jackson music. As Meyer Sound prioritizes the quality and consistency of its finished products, the majority of the assembly and manufacturing stages are done by hand by employees who are specifically trained to be the best in their field.

Subsequently, the members of the mission were directed to Meyer Sound’s ‘Home Theater’. This room is actually insanely soundproofing and of course, there are about fifty high-end speakers produced by Meyer Sound. This place was renovated in 2005 to offer the customers an opportunity to see the quality and expertise of the company in the world of sound. Following the presentation and the history of the room, we were treated to an unparalleled sound experience that left many voiceless.

Shortly, with Meyer Sound’s guided tour and demonstration of the home theater, the team is unanimous in saying that this last visit was very interesting and that it was an impressive one in our last two weeks.