During the weekend, we were able to discover another beautiful German city, Stuttgart. A city less known than Munich, Berlin or Frankfurt, but just as interesting. It was a great discovery and a nice surprise for the whole team.

We quickly noticed that this place was greener than Munich. We had the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful park in a happy hour formula. The park was filled with people in addition to its fountains, its big trees and the magnificent architecture that surrounded it. The atmosphere was perfect to enjoy the city. The people of Stuttgart obviously like to take advantage of the green and public spaces that the city offers, especially on sunny days.

Saturday marked the beginning of the most important spring festival in Europe. The festival took place in the heart of the city, with more than 250 exhibitors, restaurants and market stands. During this festival, we could see local people dressed in traditional clothing walking around the festival day and night. As tourists, we still managed to enjoy this colorful festivity, including the many rides and gathering tents.

The few moments of relaxation and enjoyment we shared in Stuttgart have been good for all members. A breath of fresh air and a good time with friends allowed us to refuel before starting our second week of mission.