The first things that came to our mind when entering the Apple Park Visitor Center are the design of the building, the client experience, the marketing, and the cleanliness of the place. We were applauded when we walked in, as it is a custom when entering Apple’s buildings. Before that, we joined a former student of Luc, Sébastien Déry. He completed a software engineering degree and a master’s at McGill. He was recruited at Lattice, a company later acquired by Apple for its technology and team. It is in a cozy ambiance that Sebastien shared with us his experience in the Silicon Valley. Furthermore, we talked about work-life balance, the life at Apple, philosophy, and the vision of his future. According to him, two elements are paramount to a durable career: excellent communication and a clear and well defined vision. The objective: find those elements in a company, then the development of your technical skills will be fluid.