Hello everyone! It’s me again!

In April, as you have seen, we had the opportunity to spend two extraordinary weeks in China.

During our stay, we had the chance to meet passionate people. We discovered a culture very different from ours that has often inspired us and we have visited innovative companies that have trained us and allowed us to have a vision that is clearly different from us. Basically, as I said, we visited China.

The organization of this mission began in January 2017 and even today, after our trip, we all continue to invest time. Everyone has been involved, Olivier, Marc-Antoine and Joel for the editing of the blog, Camille and Paul for the planning of the trip, Patrick, Karol-Ann and Naïka for the organization of events for financing where Manel and I are looking for financial partners.

Despite our intensive investment in terms of time, the trip requires funding for air tickets and hotels. It is here that partners, companies, groups and individuals intervene because they believe in us and our project. These partners and groups include Atlas Copco, Caisses Desjardins, FDDAÉÉTS, FDÉTS, ÉTS and many others.

Atlas Copcoour main partner since the mission in Sweden in 2013, is a company specializing in several fields such as compressed air and construction. Atlas Copco engages a lot of engineers to develop new products and therefore supports Mission InterÉTS in its objective to obtain a higher education in fast developing countries.

Caisses Desjardins believes in education and is committed to supporting students who demonstrate initiative and who wish to develop their skills. Their involvement has helped to support a portion of housing costs, so I especially want to thank them because I bear very badly the bohemian lifestyle.

The FDDAÉÉTS (the Sustainable Development Fund of the Student Association of the École de Technologie Supérieure) supports our project and several others organized within the ÉTS with the aim of supporting sustainable development and learning. It is thanks to them that we were able to enjoy our short free time to discover the culture and history of China. The Terracotta Army, the Shanghai Tower, our Mandarin Classes and others.

The FDÉTSwhich includes Mr. André Bisson and his entire team, have helped us a lot and continue to help us with everything related to partnerships. We received training to teach us to better approach potential partners and thanks to their constant involvement, we were able to develop and maintain our links with our various partners.

In short, thanks to them, we would not have reached our goal. I therefore thank all of you for believing in us and our project. It is thanks to their support if our team was able to live this experience and I want to assure you that each one of us comes out of it enormously grown!


Alex Grandmont – Mission InterÉTS Chine 2017