Alex Grandmont

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Construction engineering


Currently a student at École de technologie supérieure, Alex began his bachelor’s degree in construction engineering in September 2016.

He quickly demonstrates a great interest in academic involvement and he enters the student committee of his program. In April 2017, he participated in the Mission InterÉTS project and he left for two weeks to China, accompanied by nine other students to visit many innovative companies in the country. As a result of this mission, he is selected to lead the next edition of this project which is today called the Technological Missions. It was his desire to learn and his interest in the international community that pushed him to join this project, which he has been involved in for over a year now.

He sees his participation in the 2018 edition as a chance to develop his project management skills and put into practice the knowledge gained from the previous mission to bring the next edition to a higher level.

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