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Information technology engineering

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Perseverance, endurance and will are words that describe widely Bilal El Malki. However, these words describe only 25% of this young man’s personality. Indeed, Bilal has a lot of passion and dedication to international mobility. Being a member of the technological mission is a great opportunity for him. This will allow him to take a big step forward in his professional career. Moreover, the technological mission, taking place on the Canadian-American west coast, will allow him to discover a new perception of engineering abroad.

Currently an information technology (IT) engineering student, this journey will allow him to explore a variety of opportunities to meet new challenges. Indeed, Bilal likes to be challenged to excel and to go further than desired. In addition, Bilal is very interested in project management and in the computer network.

When Bilal is not busy as a one-armed paperhanger, he spends time composing music with a specialized software, making new acquaintances and training to be a good soccer player. He also works on personal projects related to web programming. He keeps up to date with news around the world. His hobbies allow him to deepen his general knowledge, maintain his forme and maintain good interpersonal relationships with other people. This represents 100% of Bilal El Malki’s personality.

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