Cédrick Pipitone

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Information technology engineering

Communication Committee

Cédrick is a 26 year old student. He is currently in his 4th year in Information Technology Engineering. As a Frenchman studying in Canada, it is only natural that he wanted to run for the 2018 Technology Mission on the Canada-US West Coast and bring his cultural dimension to the team.

The technological mission is for him an additional opportunity to understand a little more North American work culture, which differs enormously from the European culture in which it has evolved. He also wishes to take the opportunity to support the development of university agreements between Quebec and other schools and also by educating businesses on the tremendous potential represented by ÉTS students.

Cédrick’s levels of interest, enthusiasm and energy are very important. He will reject negativity, burning to accomplish his tasks. He is used to doing many things at once and he is really enjoying it. Eenergetic, enthusiastic, trustworthy, conscientious and persuasive, that’s their words. Ingenious, enthusiastic and open-minded, Cédrick can succeed in various roles. He will seize every opportunities to create new relationships. He generates enthusiasm and goodwill. He is optimistic about life in general and about human potential in particular. Cedrick is friendly, empathetic and affable. He is warm and courteous. Moreover, he believes in the philosophy « Live and let live ».


Perfect for tasks and situations that require cooperation with others, he does not like impersonal tasks and tasks that require factual accuracy unless he can be free to include the human factor. Caring the needs of others is seen as a very pleasant and valuable way to express his deep personal needs. 

He is always interested in seeing future possibilities, especially among others. He tends to be playful. He is inventive, autonomous and he can have a great perception of the potential of the ideas of others. He may have had the personal experience that a valid success comes only after a painful and important misfortune. His imagination is constantly pushing him to transform his ideas into reality.


Cédrick can combine social skills with his self-confident behavior. He thrives in tasks where he can constantly serve or use his talent to convince. Endowed socially, with equal and tireless character in his efforts to bring peace and well-being, he tends to consider the perfect relationship as an ideal goal to achieve. He is interested in new ideas and perceptions, and seeks fulfillment in his life by offering help and services to others. He can produce more ideas, and create more opportunities and projects in one day than others in a month!

He is an imaginative and creative visionary who is a source of inspiration for most. He has a lot of initiative and he is very creative. Cédrick is stimulated by challenges and he often shows ingenuity to overcome them.