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Vincent Nadeau is a third year student in Mechanical Engineering at École de technologie supérieure in Montreal. Entrepreneur at a very young age, he started his own company at seventeen and gained valuable skills in running a business.  This experience led him to start college technical studies in Business Management where he was involved in the college’s student marketing team. To broaden his views on the world, he and his brother decided to travel for three months in Africa and Asia from Egypt to Thailand passing by India and Nepal.

After many years in the field of selling and marketing, he decided to specialize in renewable energy by starting a degree in mechanical engineering. During his studies, he started to get involved with student group called SerreEts, whose objective is to design greenhouses, vegetal walls and other sustainable development projects. Because of his interest for other cultures, he decided to learn the basic of Spanish with Mp3 courses while going to work, and ultimately went to study in Spain where he became trilingual.

In order to satisfy his curiosity, he plans to pursue his studies to the master’s level and recently joined the group planning a Technology Missions in Germany, which will allow him to open his horizons on several levels.

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